Understanding Pedestrian Accidents To Avoid Them

According to statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) nearly 5,000 pedestrians die in motor vehicle related accidents annually all over the USA. Pedestrian accidents generally occur when pedestrians attempt to cross highways. However, In addition to pedestrian-vehicle accidents, a number of non-vehicular pedestrian accidents also do occur. The general causes of such accidents are sidewalk or parking lot defects, poor maintenance and debris on walkways. If a pedestrian is injured either by a vehicle or property defect, they may recover damages for the injuries suffered if someone else’s negligence caused the accident. Establishing negligence in a pedestrian accident is proven by showing that the person at fault: Read more

Ever Increasing Need Of Personal Injury Attorney

Some problems that do not need to be handled by a lawyer. These can be handled by other professionals such as doctors, engineers, accountants etc. While, the problems such as accidents, bankruptcy, corruption, killing etc requires an attorney for the proper handling. Legal issues must be addressed by hiring a lawyer. No research can replace the services of an attorney. He is a professionally skilled person having an entire knowledge of the law.


Services of An Attorney:

The commendable services of attorney include his vigilance and methodology to deal with a case. Every case nature varies from the other. People who have no legal knowledge cannot get the justice on their own. Understanding a case properly,  getting the evidence efficiently and meeting the strict deadlines is the major roles of attorney. In case of any injury from an automobile accident, one must immediately contact a skilled attorney. He is held responsible for providing the guidance to the victim. A victim is suffering from a huge trauma. He is unable to seek justice because of his mental and physical sufferings. This crucial time can be better managed by considering the services of a lawyer. All sort of criminal cases is dealt better when an attorney is hired. To understand a case and file a case is not an easy task for people like us. An attorney counsels the client and lets him know the directions to be followed in order to win the case. Why should one suffer from the hardships and pains due to others negligence? Law has provided a golden opportunity to the victims to appeal for justice. Merely appealing is not enough but getting is quite necessary. It ensures to reduce one’s grief. If one has lost one’s partner or family member in an accident when he has the right to demand justice and compensation for them.


Accident And Law:

The need of personal attorney is increasing day by day. The reason lies in the fact that the people want justice and compensation for the negligence of others. The injuries may be mild to severe. A car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident or drunk driving accident can be fatal enough to kill human beings. Losing a life is the most drastic consequence of the accident. The Allen Law firm provides the services of experienced personal injury attorneys who not merely take interest in your case but also facilitates you by providing mental relief. The mental peace is one of the biggest blessings which could be badly disturbed by a tragic incident such as an accident. Gone are the days when the people have to suffer much for exploring the professional attorney.The Law is like a shelter to the victims. Victims feel satisfied when they get justice and compensation for their losses. It is surely not a one day process but takes a long time. The number of accidents and the demand for an attorney is directly related to each other. The more tragic incidents would be, the more the need of attorney would become.

Free Speech & Phil Robertson

Free speech is okay;

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You can jerk and twerk and do things obscene;

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All in the name of free speech;

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You are free to do whatever you like;

As long as the godless think it’s right.


If killing the unborn is a mothers right;

What about killing them when they make us uptight?

What is the difference in or out of the womb;

Without a god why not our child consume?


But the godless rant and rave and cry a foul;

When some poor school child prays out loud.


The godless say it just ain’t right;

To leave crosses on the graves

Of soldiers who defended their right

To speak as they like.


If a God fearing man says what he thinks;

He is censured and shamed and removed from TV.

To share God’s word is such a vile and hateful thing;

The godless call him a bigot, a homophobe and a ding-a-ling.


Ancient prophets certainly were right;

When they had the last days in sight.

They saw the godless as despisers of those that are good;

Lost in such darkness, good and evil they misunderstood.


No matter what the godless proclaim;

They eventually will see and feel their shame.

When they stand before the God they ignored;

They must then acknowledge Him as their Lord.


A day of judgment awaits every man;

On which side of the fence will you stand?

God stands and waits with arms open wide;

Longing to lovingly embrace all on His side.

How Do I Find a Good Automobile Accident Attorney?

Finding an Auto Accident Attorney

If you drive a car, the chances are pretty good that you will be involved in an automobile accident sometime during your life.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”), there “are more than 1,700 fatalities and 840,000 injuries yearly due to vehicle crashes off public highways.”  NHTSA also reports that auto accidents, unfortunately, are the “number one killer of children 1 to 12 years old in the United States.”  NHTSA.   If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident due to the negligence of others, the law allows you to be fairly and adequately compensated for your harms and losses.   If you are not being treated fairly by the insurance company, you may need to hire an auto accident attorney, also known as a personal injury lawyer, to help you through the legal maze.  Here are few things to consider when looking for a good auto accident attorney:

Seek Out Referrals

When looking for a good automobile accident attorney, don’t simply rely on advertising.   Because hiring a good personal injury lawyer is a significant decision, you should ask your neighbors, friends and co-workers about any experiences they have had with a personal injury lawyer.  If you don’t know anyone who has used an auto accident attorney previously, then you should do some research before hiring one.  Read about the attorneys you are considering. Find out if they are rated by organizations such as Martindale-Hubbell.  Find out about their experience with personal injury claims.  Once you have narrowed your search for a good auto accident attorney, you should meet with him or her to see if you “click.”  Does he or she take time to understand your case and your injuries?  Is he or she willing to explain your rights to you and explain the legal process to you?  Will you be dealing with the attorney or a legal assistant?

Experience is Important in Personal Injury Cases

In personal injury cases, experience is going to count…a lot. You should look for an attorney who has significant experience and one who has a history of positive results.  You will want an attorney who, if necessary, is willing to take your case to court.

What You Should Know About an Accident Injury Attorney

An accident injury attorney is a legal professional who represents people who have been injured by the fault of another.  The injuries can be physical, mental or emotional.  Those who have been injured by the fault of anther need to make sure to choose an accident injury attorney that is responsive, reputable and reliable.

An Injury Attorney Can Help in Many Situations

A good personal injury attorney should be well versed in many aspects of personal injury law.  Personal injury law is much different than criminal law or general civil litigation.  Personal injury lawyers need to understand, among other things, the duties we owe one another, how those duties can be breached, medical issues, insurance issues, medical lien issues, etc.   A good personal injury attorney should be able to help you if you’ve been injured in a car accident, a trucking accident, a motorcycle accident, a bicycle accident, a fall down defective stairs, slipping on a wet floor, or even from a dog bite.

What You Can Expect From an Injury Attorney

You should expect a good personal injury lawyer to, at least, (i) meet with you in person, (ii) take time to understand how your injuries occurred; (iii) understand the nature and extent of your injuries; (iv) explain to you your rights for the repair or replacement of your vehicle and your rights to have your medical bills paid; (v) return your telephone calls when you have questions; (vi) keep you informed on the progress of your case; and (vii) be your advocate for justice.

After meeting with a personal injury attorney, he should be able to let you know if you have a very good case and whether he  is willing to help you with your case.  With most personal injury lawyers, the initial consultation is free of charge.  If you decide to hire a personal injury lawyer, most of them work on a contingency fee basis which means that they don’t get paid unless you recover some money.

Suing for Property Damage in Small Claims Court

If my vehicle has been damaged in an automobile accident in Utah, can I sue in small claims court for the damage to my vehicle and then hire a personal injury attorney to sue for my injuries at a later date?  Before April 1, 2013, if you sued to recover damage to your vehicle and did not include your claim for your injuries in that lawsuit, you lost your right to sue for your personal injuries.  In Allen v. Moyer, 259 P.3d 1049 (Utah 2011), the Utah Supreme Court held that because a car accident gave rise to only one cause of action, a person who sued in small claims court to recover for damages to his vehicle was precluded from filing a separate lawsuit to recover damages for his personal injuries.  Allen v. Moyer involved a car crash that occurred in 2008.  Two weeks after the crash, the injured person sued in small claims court to recover damages for the property damage done to his car.  He obtained a $4,831.50 judgment for property damage.  About 6 months after the small claims judgment was paid, the injured person sued in district court for his personal injuries.  The Defendant’s insurer filed a summary judgment motion arguing claim preclusion.  The Utah Supreme Court agreed and dismissed the injured person’s personal injury claim.

Apparently in response to the Allen v. Moyer decision, the legislature amended Utah Code § 78A-8-102 to now allow an injured person to file a claim for his property damage in small claims court without jeopardizing his right to sue for personal injuries later.  This statute states, in relevant part:    “(5) Claims involving property damage to a motor vehicle may be maintained in small claims actions, and any removal or appeal thereof, without limiting the ability of a plaintiff to make a claim for bodily injury against the same defendant in a separate legal action.  In the event that property damage claim is brought as a small claims action:  (a) any liability decision in an original small claims action or appeal thereof is not binding in any separate legal action for bodily injury; and (b) no additional property damage claims can be brought in any separate legal action for bodily injury.”

Before filing a lawsuit in small claims court to recover for the damage to your vehicle caused in an automobile accident, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer to make certain that you understand your legal rights and that you are fairly and adequately compensated for your injuries.

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When is it too late to file a personal injury lawsuit?

When is it too late to file a personal injury lawsuit?

If you’ve been injured by another due to their negligent or wrongful conduct, whether in an automobile accident, trucking accident, car crash, motorcycle accident, etc., you must file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires.  If your lawsuit is not filed before the statute of limitations expires, you lose the right to sue to recover compensation for the harm you suffered.  Each state has its own statute of limitations and different types of harmful conduct may be governed by a different statute of limitation.  For example, a claim arising out of medical malpractice may have a shorter statute of limitation than a claim arising out of a car crash and a claim against a government entity for negligence typically has a shorter statute of limitations than a claim not involving a government entity or a government employee.

If you’ve been injured by the negligence of another, you should consult with a personal injury attorney to find out how much time you have before your right to sue is lost.  A personal injury attorney can help you protect your rights, help you recover fair and adequate compensation for your losses and help you steer through the legal maze while you focus on getting better.

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How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You/How to Find the Right Personal Injury Attorney

How can a personal injury lawyer help you? 

If you’ve been injured in an accident (car crash, truck crash, boating incident, plane crash, dog attack, slip & fall, defective product, etc.), you need to focus your energy, your time and attention on getting better.   You don’t want to delay necessary medical treatment because that could worsen your condition and make it more difficult to obtain fair and adequate compensation for your injuries.  Having to deal with insurance adjusters who want to low ball you, responding to their demands for completing forms, dealing with property damage issues, deciding whether to give a recorded statement and gathering important evidence can be demanding, draining and time consuming.  A personal injury attorney can lift this heavy burden from you, allowing you to focus on healing and carrying on with life’s other demands.

A personal injury lawyer also can help you sort through the maze of available insurance coverage.  A personal injury lawyer can help you resolve, and often reduce, the medical charges that you have incurred for your medical treatment.  A good personal injury attorney can help you get fair and adequate compensation for your injuries.

What does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney? 

Almost all personal injury lawyers will charge you for their services a percentage of your gross recovery.   This is referred to as a contingency fee arrangement.  The percentage charged by the personal injury lawyer often is negotiable and typically ranges anywhere from 25% to, as much, as 50%.

How to find the right personal injury lawyer for you? 

The lawyer/client relationship should be based on mutual trust.  Before hiring a personal injury lawyer, you should talk to the lawyer who will be representing you to make certain that you “click” with him or her.   Relying on advertising alone to find a personal injury lawyer is not advisable. You want a personal injury attorney who truly will be your personal advocate.  You don’t want to hire a personal injury attorney who spends mega-bucks advertising only to find out, to your dismay, that you can’t even get past that personal injury attorney’s paralegal or secretary to speak to the attorney.  You want to find a personal injury lawyer who truly is committed to being with you every step of the way.

Sender of Text Message to Driver May Be Liable for Car Crash

On August 27, 2013, the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, decided that “the sender of a text message can potentially be liable if an accident is caused by texting.”  However, the sender of the text message had to know or have a “special reason to know that the recipient would view the text while driving and thus be distracted.”  Kupert v. Best, Docket No. A-1128-12T4.  In this case, Linda and David Kupert were seriously injured by an 18 year old driver who crossed the center divider crashing his truck into their motorcycle.  The 18 year old driver was texting at the time.   The crash “nearly severed, David’s left leg” and it “shattered Linda’s left leg, leaving her fractured thighbone protruding out of the skin as she lay injured in the road.”

The cell phone records of the 18 year old boy showed that he had texted his female friend 62 times on the day of the crash.  They averaged about “fourteen texts per hour.”  The New Jersey Appellate court said:  “When a sender texts a person who is then driving, knowing that the driver will immediately view the text, the sender has disregarded the attendant and foreseeable risk of harm to the public.  The risk is substantial, as evidenced by the dire consequences in this and similar cases where texting drivers have caused severe injuries or death.”

What do you all think about extending liability to persons sending text messages to those they know are driving?  Please share your thoughts.

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SUV Roll Over Result of Distracted Driving

A teenager was taken to the hospital on August 9, 2013 after her SUV rolled on  southbound I-15 near St. George, Utah. According to St. George News, the 16 year old female driver was reportedly distracted by the radio when she veered off the road and hit a construction sign, causing her SUV to roll.    Fortunately, this young driver was not seriously injured in the automobile accident.  This crash certainly is another reminder to all of us of the importance of keeping our attention focused on our driving.  Please be careful.

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[Photo: Courtesy of St. George News]