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Injuries are not something to be taken lightly. At Truman & Radford – Injury Attorneys, we will evaluate your case and ensure that you are compensated fairly for any injury you have sustained.

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Types of Injury Cases we help with.


Severe scarring can be embarrassing and traumatizing. It can create seclusion and a lack of confidence. When you don’t look like you, you don’t feel like you either. If that is someone else’s fault then you deserve to be made whole.


Relaxed disabled man spending some time alone on wheelchair outdoors

When a crash leaves a person immobile for their rest of their life the entire family suffers and needs to be made whole. Permanent impairment is potentially the worst thing that can happen to a person, it literally changes everything.

Emotional Trauma


There might be nothing worse than experiencing severe emotional trauma following abuse, rape, or neglect. Mental and emotional injuries can often be worse than physical injuries. Anyone experiencing physical, emotional, sexual, or any other abuse deserves help.


Death is extremely difficult to deal with under any circumstances, most of all when it is unexpected and someone else’s fault. We compassionately approach these cases and strive to help the family through such a difficult experience.

Spinal Injury


Injuries to the spine are very diverse. If you have suffered a spinal cord injury that requires surgery to repair then your entire life has likely been flipped upside down.


Surgeries require time away from the things you love and the life you know. Surgeries can be expensive and time consuming. We work with you throughout the entire process. Your struggle is our struggle.

Brain Injury

Young man with trauma of the head
Brain injuries can have a profound effect on a person’s ability to process information and keep up with regular life. Traumatic Brain Injuries (“TBI’s”) can dramatically impact the very essence of a being.

Broken Bones

A young woman with a broken leg. leg in a cast and wheelchair
Broken Bones are painful, often require surgery, & can change your line of work and make your life much more difficult.

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This very positive review regarding my experience with The Truman & Radford Law Firm is long overdue! I found it necessary to secure their expert leg...

Neal B, St. George


Danny is very thoughtful, caring, and professional. I would highly recommend him as he takes the time to listen and truly wants the very best for your...

Maria Donofrio, St. George


I got in a car accident in July of 2016. I broke my neck in the accident. Danny got a call from us that morning. He came to the hospital and took care...

Brandon Swift, St. George


I worked with Ron Truman after being in an accident. I was very new to the process, which brought a lot of anxiety and concerns. Ron was very helpful,...

Allison Brown, St. George


Danny worked his magic and helped us get fairly compensated from our case, which was quite the feat! They took care of us and made the process simple....

Annie Mathews, St. George

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