Is Your Child Using the Appropriate Car Seat?

Multiple studies show that the use of an appropriate child seat or booster seat significantly reduces the risk of injuries in the event of an accident. For this reason, Utah law mandates that children younger than 8 sit in an appropriate restraint system. This rule does not apply to kids who are at least 57 inches tall, at which point it is permissible to use a lap and shoulder belt without a booster seat.

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Steer Clear of Dangerous Drivers — Those Rule Breakers Who Put All in Harms Way

According to the October, 2013 issue of Consumer Report, Highway traffic deaths were up in 2012.  1,700 more people were killed on our roads in 2012 than in the prior year.  The causes of these deaths were (i) unbealted occupants (12,872 deaths); (ii) speeding (9,944 deaths); (iv) drunken driving (9,878 deaths) and (v) distracted driving (3,331 deaths).  The Consumer Report suggested 5 ways to steer clear of dangerous drivers:  1.  “Be ready for the unexpected. Stay alert and drive cautiously.  Use your mirrors to stay aware of what’s going on around your vehicle at all times.”  2.  “Give other drivers plenty of space.  Don’t drive too close to a vehicle in front or right next to one for an extended time. Leaving room will give you more time to react if something goes wrong.”  3.  “Hone your skills.  Consider taking a defensive-driving or car-control course.  They help teach you how to control your vehicle in emergency situations, such as when swerving to avoid an obstacle or another vehicle and how to recover if your car starts going out of control.”  4.  “Avoid driving at the deadliest times.  In 2011 more fatal crashes occurred in the early morning hours of Saturdays and Sundays than at any other time.  Not only did fatalities peak at around 1 a.m. and 2 a.m., but most of those accidents involved drunken driving, including a whopping 72 percent of the crashes that occurred around 2 a.m. on Saturdays.”  5.  “Report erratic, dangerous behavior.  Pull over and call 911 to alert the police, especially if you can give a good description of the car or a license plate number.”

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Car Crash Fatalities Decline in 2012

Great news!   The number of traffic related deaths on our roads in Utah declined from 243 in 2011 to 217 in 2012.  According to the State of Utah, Department of Public Safety, Highway Safety Office, “Utah has had a steady decline in the fatal crash rates over the last 40 years.  In 2012, there were 217 people killed in traffic crashes on public roadways in Utah. This was the lowest total of traffic deaths in Utah since 1959.”  Utah made progress in, among others, the following areas:  1. There were 19 fewer deaths involving a drunk driver.  2. There were 10 fewer speed-related deaths.  3. There were 6 fewer deaths involving a large truck. 4. There were 4 fewer red light/stop sign running deaths. However, some areas of concern in Utah during 2012 were:  1. Speeding — Speed was a factor in 42% of the deaths.  2.  Unrestrained Occupants — 36% of the deaths were to unrestrained occupants of the automobile. 3. Drowsy Driving — 10 more deaths involved a drowsy driver.  4.  Motorcycles — There were 4 more motorcyclist deaths.

Let’s all learn to be more careful drivers, making the roads a safer place for all of us who share the roads.

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2013 Models of Husqvarna Closed Course/Competition Motorcycles Recalled

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall of about 260 Husqvarna competition off-road motorcycles, including CR-125, WR125, WR250 and WR300,  due to an issue with the throttle mechanism. Reportedly, the throttle cable on the motorcycle can malfunction unexpectedly, causing the rider to lose speed control, posing a crash hazard. Consumers are instructed to immediately stop using the motorcycle and to contact an authorized Husqvarna dealer to schedule a free repair.  For more information please see:    

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Safety First With the Start of a New School Year

Summer is almost over.  School is just around the corner.  With all of the teenage drivers back on the road driving to and from school with their friends, let’s spend a few moments with our young drivers to educate them on the dangers of distracted driving:  1.  Drivers using a cell phone while driving are 4 times more likely to get in a car crash.  2. A substantial number of car crashes are caused by distracted driving.  See

Let’s encourage our young drivers to put their cell phones in their backpacks or put them somewhere else out of reach while they are driving.  This may save the life of someone you love.  Working together we can make the roads a safer place for all of us.

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Failure to Yield Results in Another Car Crash

On August 5, 2013, the Hurricane Police responded to an automobile accident at the intersection of 5300 West and Route 9 in Hurricane, Utah.  According to the St. George News, the driver of a gold passenger car made a left hand turn in front of a truck. The driver of the gold car reportedly failed to yield the right of way to the driver of the truck and caused the car crash.  

Truman Law Firm encourages each of us to be a little more careful with our driving, to slow down and look before we turn.  The human losses and economic losses suffered due to the carelessness of others are significant.  Working together,  we can and must make the roads a safer place for all of us.

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Cannondale Recalls Slice RS Bikes

Cannondale is recalling all 2013 model year Cannondale triathlon and time trial Slice RS bikes because of a reported problem of a loose brake plate.  According to Cannondale, bikers should stop using their bikes immediately and return their bike to a Cannondale retailer for a free repair.

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Breaking the Basic Safety Rules of the Road Results in Fatalities

According to a recent KSL article, rule breakers are responsible for fatal crashes.  The five top things that cause fatal crashes are “Speeding, not wearing seatbelts, driving under the influence, distracted driving and drowsy driving.”  According to Colonel Daniel Fuhr, with the Utah Highway Patrol, “‘Seventy-percent of people who die on Utah roadways are not wearing a seatbelt. Absolutely preventable . . . Speeding, preventable. Drowsy driving? Preventable. Distracted driving, texting and all that? Preventable, Drunk driving? That is absolutely preventable. . . . And if people obeyed the laws . . ., we would have zero fatalities in the state of Utah.”

One certainly can assume that the five car crash in St. George, Utah on Tuesday must have been caused by distracted driving.  According to a St. George News article, a “five-car crash occurred at the intersection of 100 South and 700 East Tuesday morning when a car ran a red light.”  The red car running the red light crashed into a blue minivan waiting in the intersection to make a turn.  The crash was so severe that four of the five cars involved in the crash had to be towed from the crash site.  If the driver were paying attention to his or her driving, he or she certainly would have seen a red light.

We encourage everyone to remember how important it is to keep your attention focused on your driving. Put down the phones. The call can wait. The text message will wait.  I wonder if the manufactures of cell phones shouldn’t program them so that if you are traveling at a speed in excess of 10 mph, your phone automatically shuts down unless you take affirmative steps to override the shut down.  This certainly may help reduce the number of accidents and crashes which result in lost lives and damaged futures.