Teenage Girl Texting and Driving

Las Vegas Accident Attorney Offers 6 Safety Tips for New Drivers in Nevada

Teen drivers are at a higher risk of getting in a car accident than any other age group, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Often, these crashes are not the results of reckless behavior but rather due to a lack of experience.

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Las Vegas Accident Attorney Discusses 4 Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

All road users are at risk of an accident, but few are as vulnerable as motorcyclists. Even with the right protective gear, a minor collision can cause serious injuries – or worse.

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Semi Truck

4 Vehicle Safety Features That Save Truck Drivers’ Lives

In the past, vehicle manufacturers prioritized safety features in passenger cars rather than in trucks. Ultimately, this was a more economical approach. Truck drivers would have to wait for these systems to become available – or popular enough – to install in pickups, semis and other large vehicles.

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4 Common Problems Motorcyclists Face on Nevada Roads

Motorcycle riders are vulnerable to far more dangers than other road users. For many motorcyclists, this is part of the appeal – the wind in your hair, and the ever-present sense of danger.

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How to Avoid an Accident in Las Vegas this Labor Day

If you are hitting the open road this Labor Day weekend, then safety should be your number-one priority. Las Vegas streets are heavy with holiday traffic, and there is a marked increase in accidents.

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Overturned truck in crash

3 Reasons Truck Drivers Should Always Wear Seatbelts

Safety belts are the most critical piece of safety equipment in your car or truck. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car accidents are a leading cause of death and serious injury in the United States, and seatbelts are the best way to protect yourself in the event of an accident – regardless of your vehicle type. In fact, the National Highway Safety Administration claims that proper seatbelt use could save more than 1,500 lives and prevent 22,000 injuries every year.

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Accident report

Implications of Nevada’s Fault System Insurance

If you drive a car in the state of Nevada, it is important to understand the accident and insurance laws. There are few situations more devastating than getting in a serious wreck only to find out that you have inadequate coverage.

If you were in an accident and you have questions about the claims process, contact Truman Law Firm P.C. today. A Las Vegas personal-injury lawyer can investigate the circumstances of your crash and determine if you may have a valid claim against the negligent driver. To schedule a consultation, call us today at 702-821-1821.

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How to Avoid 3 Common Motorcycle Accidents in Nevada

Riding a motorcycle may seem simple, but like all vehicles, responsible handling requires skill and experience. Bikers are particularly vulnerable to injuries – even with proper safety gear – which is why following the rules of the road is so critical.

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3 Important Boating Safety Tips

There are several dangers associated with recreational boating. Most people who cast off in Nevada’s waters are not professional boaters, and this inexperience often leads to catastrophic accidents and injuries.

Sadly, not all boat crashes are avoidable. If you were in a boating accident that was caused by another person’s negligence, then you may be entitled to compensation.

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Teenage girl texting and driving

Understanding the 3 Main Types of Distracted Driving

From intoxicated driving to inclement weather, there are plenty of factors that can contribute to a car accident. Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, one of the most serious threats on U.S. roads is distracted driving.

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