Are Utah Drunk Drivers Less Impaired than Distracted Drivers?

UTAH. Utah’s new drunk driving law lowers the blood alcohol concentration limits for Utah drivers to 0.05. Starting in December, drivers could be put in jail if they are found driving with the new lowered limit. Furthermore, if drivers get into a crash and injure another driver or passenger, they could be found negligent or at fault for the crash if officers determine that their blood alcohol concentration is above the 0.05% limit. Yet, some critics of the new law claim that it doesn’t address the real danger on Utah’s roads: distracted driving.

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Understanding Pedestrian Accidents To Avoid Them

According to statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) nearly 5,000 pedestrians die in motor vehicle related accidents annually all over the USA. Pedestrian accidents generally occur when pedestrians attempt to cross highways. However, In addition to pedestrian-vehicle accidents, a number of non-vehicular pedestrian accidents also do occur. The general causes of such accidents are sidewalk or parking lot defects, poor maintenance and debris on walkways. If a pedestrian is injured either by a vehicle or property defect, they may recover damages for the injuries suffered if someone else’s negligence caused the accident. Establishing negligence in a pedestrian accident is proven by showing that the person at fault: Read more

Experts Believe That the Uber Crash is the First of More to Come

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. Proponents of self-driving vehicles continue to claim that these cars have the power to reduce the number of people who die in car crashes in the U.S. According to Wired, car accidents lead to 40,000 deaths each year in the U.S. The recent self-driving car accident in Arizona, has critics once again scrutinizing the safety of these vehicles. Yet, the fact remains that self-driving cars are far less likely to make the same mistakes humans make. The question is: will the mistakes that machines make be more dangerous?

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When Self Driving Cars Make Mistakes, Who Takes Over?

UTAH. Driverless cars have already taken to the road in Las Vegas. These research vehicles are serving as taxis. And, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah may become the first state to make autonomous vehicles legal. The new law would include special insurance requirements for autonomous vehicles. Yet, autonomous vehicles are still being tested for safety and there are situations where the vehicles continue to have difficulties. Who steps in when these vehicles encounter problems? Recent events in Arizona in which a driverless vehicle hit a pedestrian have also raised important questions about autonomous vehicle safety. Testing has currently been suspended until more information is discovered. It isn’t clear how this accident will impact Utah’s proposed legislative changes.

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Ever Increasing Need Of Personal Injury Attorney

Some problems that do not need to be handled by a lawyer. These can be handled by other professionals such as doctors, engineers, accountants etc. While, the problems such as accidents, bankruptcy, corruption, killing etc requires an attorney for the proper handling. Legal issues must be addressed by hiring a lawyer. No research can replace the services of an attorney. He is a professionally skilled person having an entire knowledge of the law.


Services of An Attorney:

The commendable services of attorney include his vigilance and methodology to deal with a case. Every case nature varies from the other. People who have no legal knowledge cannot get the justice on their own. Understanding a case properly,  getting the evidence efficiently and meeting the strict deadlines is the major roles of attorney. In case of any injury from an automobile accident, one must immediately contact a skilled attorney. He is held responsible for providing the guidance to the victim. A victim is suffering from a huge trauma. He is unable to seek justice because of his mental and physical sufferings. This crucial time can be better managed by considering the services of a lawyer. All sort of criminal cases is dealt better when an attorney is hired. To understand a case and file a case is not an easy task for people like us. An attorney counsels the client and lets him know the directions to be followed in order to win the case. Why should one suffer from the hardships and pains due to others negligence? Law has provided a golden opportunity to the victims to appeal for justice. Merely appealing is not enough but getting is quite necessary. It ensures to reduce one’s grief. If one has lost one’s partner or family member in an accident when he has the right to demand justice and compensation for them.


Accident And Law:

The need of personal attorney is increasing day by day. The reason lies in the fact that the people want justice and compensation for the negligence of others. The injuries may be mild to severe. A car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident or drunk driving accident can be fatal enough to kill human beings. Losing a life is the most drastic consequence of the accident. The Allen Law firm provides the services of experienced personal injury attorneys who not merely take interest in your case but also facilitates you by providing mental relief. The mental peace is one of the biggest blessings which could be badly disturbed by a tragic incident such as an accident. Gone are the days when the people have to suffer much for exploring the professional attorney.The Law is like a shelter to the victims. Victims feel satisfied when they get justice and compensation for their losses. It is surely not a one day process but takes a long time. The number of accidents and the demand for an attorney is directly related to each other. The more tragic incidents would be, the more the need of attorney would become.

Could the City Be Held Liable for Your Bike Accident?

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. Biking on public roads can be incredibly dangerous. Drivers may not always be aware of bicyclists. Bike lanes may not always be divided from the roadway. And, all it takes is one mistake, one missed turn, one swerve, to result in a biker being seriously injured. Anyone who has biked on city roads has had one or more close calls. In fact, one study found that when bike lanes aren’t protected, bicyclists might experience as much as one close call each week. These close calls usually happen because there are no bike lanes, there is no separation between bike lanes and the road, or because drivers are not punished when they hit bikers.

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Does Youth Football Pose an Injury Risk to Children?

UTAH. According to ESPN, approximately 1.23 million children between the ages of 6-12 play tackle football. However, these children may be exposed to serious long-term injury risks by playing the sport. The Boston Globe reports that children who play tackle football can be exposed to repeated head injuries that can double their risk of developing behavioral problems and triple their risk for depression. The research has some child advocates saying that children should simply not be playing tackle football. Because the research into the impact of tackle football on children is still in its infancy, researchers have not yet made any official recommendations for youth football coaches and teams.

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Bad Roads, Bad Train Tracks, More Car Accidents

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. In the last two months, we’ve seen a recent increase in train accidents in the U.S. Most recently, an Amtrak train collided with a passenger train in South Carolina. Why have we been seeing more accidents like this? The Atlantic claims that these accidents are the result of America’s decaying infrastructure. Amtrak reportedly owns many of the rails on which its trains run. However, due to the company’s limited budget, it can’t always repair the rails. This can lead to problems with the track. In South Carolina, signals weren’t working on the stretch of track where the accident occurred. Manual operators were signaling. This leaves quite a bit of room open for human error. It is believed that a switch wasn’t properly turned, which may have put the train on the wrong track. In South Carolina, this resulted in at least two deaths. Were a similar mistake like this to happen in a major metropolitan city like New York, Boston, or Philadelphia, the death toll could be much higher.

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Some Women Not Receiving the Medical Care They Need After Childbirth

UTAH. Many women experience changes after childbirth. However, some women may not be aware that damages they experience during childbirth can be treated medically. As many as 80% of women may be sufferers of some kind of pelvic injury. As many as 95% of first-time mothers may experience some kind of tearing during childbirth. Doctors may not always take women’s complaints seriously. In some cases, it can be years before women receive the medical treatment they need. One woman, writing for the Guardian, reported that it took her five years to receive proper medical treatment. We live in a world where men’s sexual health is taken seriously, while many women suffer in silence after experiencing childbirth injuries.

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Steps To Take After A Car Accident


Car accidents are traumatic events that many people do not have to experience in their lifetime. People generally feel panicked and confused in the moment when the simple act of driving turns into potential lifelong consequences for your health, finances and future. After being involved in an accident you should try to calm down. Focus on your breathing and just try to comprehend the situation. If you are involved in a car accident in Utah, your next steps can make a world of a difference.

It is your legal right to be compensated for your damages if the other driver was at fault but unless you take the appropriate steps you may not get the compensation that you deserve. The following steps are recommended as a course of action after being involved in a car accident:

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