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Yes, Even Just One Concussion Can Change Your Brain

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. So, you’ve been in a car accident. You hit your head, but didn’t pass out, don’t feel dizzy, and don’t think you’ve suffered any memory loss. So, you’re fine, right? Maybe not. According to NPR, researchers for the journal Radiology report that even one concussion can have lasting changes on the brain. […]

Traffic Circles, Pedestrians, and Self-Driving Cars

UTAH. According to Fox 13, members of Utah’s state legislature recently visited Utah State University’s research center for autonomous vehicles. The legislators took a look at vehicles that were both electric and autonomous, cars that researchers hope will revolutionize the way we drive in Utah. They rode in the vehicles, a signal that lawmakers may […]

Hurt Your Back in a Car Accident?

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. If you’ve been in a car accident, your doctor may initially prescribe pain medications to treat your pain. However, with reports about many people becoming addicted to opioid painkillers, more patients are seeking alternative treatments for their pain. While insurance companies may be ready to prescribe pain killers because they are low […]

Can I Sue Internet Trolls for Doxxing and Cyberbullying?

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. The recent shooting in Las Vegas has left at least 58 people dead and another 489 injured. The tragedy has again raised questions about what should be done to prevent gun violence in America. Yet, in the wake of the shooting, online trolls and cyberbullies targeted innocent people, connecting them with the […]

10 Essential Pre-Ride Motorcycle Safety Checks

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. Riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating and freeing, but when you ride, you are also more exposed to the elements and to the mistakes of other drivers. While motorcyclists tend to be among the safest drivers out there, taking the extra time to check your equipment can offer you that added level […]

A Traffic Jam of Celestial Proportions

Utah. If you’re planning on driving to see the total solar eclipse set to take place on Monday, August 21st, prepare yourself for a magnificent and rare celestial phenomenon—and also for a traffic jam of celestial proportions. According to Time Magazine, federal and state officials are working against the clock to raise traffic awareness and […]